Heart Sessions

If I had to pick one thing here on earth besides my family members that I consider the most important to me (grab in a fire kind of situation) it would hands down be all the photos of my family. Hard drives filled with memories as well as printed photo albums. Photos have the ability to transport us back to moments in time and allow us the opportunity to relive those memories. Moments from when our children were babies, time spent with our parents, summers enjoying endless weekends playing with kids, and more. It freezes time and allows future generations to learn about their family history. Big milestones and events or small everyday moments and routines are all equally important and all tell of our story, our journey, our family.

I have created “Heart Sessions” for families who have been given a life threatening diagnosis and are dealing with tremendous heart ache and challenges to come together so I can document their family. These sessions are free of charge and are my way of offering love and support during a very difficult time. We will come together for about an hour at the location of your choice. Perhaps you want to capture your family at your house, in your own special oasis of your backyard, at a special park you frequently gather at, it’s up to you! You will spend time together and I capture it. Some will be posed of everyone looking at the camera but most will be candid images of your family as you interact. Even though this time of life can be very hard emotionally and physically capturing this time together before things change (often starting chemo or another long medical journey) can give families strength to continue.

You will receive a gorgeous online gallery of your images to look through, all the high resolution images that you can print as you wish, as well as an app with the images in a beautiful photo gallery that you can download to your phone or tablet to easily look through anytime. These images are yours to cherish forever.

Often we have thousands of photos of our children but only a few of the entire family in the same photographs. For this reason family sessions are so wonderful because while you are spending time playing, interacting, loving, hugging your loved ones I get to capture those lovely moments of togetherness and connection.

If you or a loved one has recently been diagnosed with a life threatening illness please reach out to me here.

You can see examples of a few of these Heart Session on my website.

One Heart Session was for a family who’s little girl was diagnosed with a rare and terminal illness at birth. She passed away just a few short weeks after we had taken these images. The family has these photographs of their family to cherish forever.  You can view that session here 

Another Heart Session was a single mom, her teenage daughter, and their beloved dog. She had just been diagnosed with breast cancer a day earlier and was set to start chemo just a few days later. During a time of uncertainty and change they wanted to document their family. After going through chemo she was given the great news that it worked and she is now a cancer survivor. You can see that session here