PDX Parent Magazines


In January of 2016 the director of PDX Parent reached out to me to ask if I would be interested in having one of my photographs featured on the cover of their magazine. As you can imagine I was both extremely honored and thrilled for this experience. Since then I have had several of my photographs used in their magazines. I love being a freelance photographer with PDX Parent magazine and having my photographs accompany great and informative articles in the magazine.  PDX Parent magazine is distributed to almost 1000 locations across the Portland Metro Area, and most places I go with my kids we find it on display. You can see my photographs on the cover and inside the following issues:

June 2016 Issue (Cover)- http://www.pdxparent.com/issues/Jun16/Jun16.html

pdx parent mag-1

January 2017 Issue (Cover and Article)- http://pdxparent.com/issues/Jan17/Jan17.html



March 2017 (Cover)- http://www.pdxparent.com/issues/Mar17/Mar17.html


April 2017 (Cover and Article)- http://pdxparent.com/issues/Apr17/mobile/index.html

magazine cover april-1

magazine cover april-2

September 2017 (Cover and Article)- http://pdxparent.com/issues/Sep17/Sep17.html