Most asked questions about photo sessions

What kind of photographer are you?

I am a natural light, on location photographer specializing in family and children documentary style photography. My work is often described as happy, colorful, and authentic. I love to document interaction, play, laughter, connection between family members, and real emotions.

Why use a photographer instead of my cell phone and a friend?

In an age where photography is so prevalent and photos are taken daily on cell phones why invest in photography with a professional photographer? There is so much that goes into creating an image, it’s more than just clicking a button on a camera. It’s understanding the color, intensity, and direction of light, and proper exposure. It’s about knowing which lens to use in a given situation and having high quality gear which allows you to print as big as you want and retain crisp, clear, sharp images. It’s about knowing how to bring out emotion in subjects. Even more importantly it allows everyone to be a part of the story. Each family has a person who generally take all the family takes photos, usually of the children and are rarely included in the photos themselves. Having a photo session allows everyone in the family to be included and a part of the family story. Don’t get me wrong, cell phones are awesome because they are the camera that we carry with us everywhere but for family photos let me take the stress out of the photos and trust me you’ll love it!

What kind of photography gear do you use?

I recently upgraded my camera and gear so I now shoot with a full frame Sony A7iii camera and the Sigma 35 1.4 ART lens, Sony 85mm 1.8 lens, and the Sony 20mm 1.8 lens. This is a dream set up and these lenses are the perfect choices for my style of document photography because it allows me to include the environment to help tell the story more.

How does a lifestyle session differ from a traditional studio session?

With a lifestyle or documentary session I am capturing real moments as they unfold organically. I am a story teller capturing and documenting your family in that moment of time. For a family session this might be playing at the park with your kids, blowing bubbles, reading books, being silly, talking and interacting. Instead of standing together in front of a background paper these sessions take place in nature where families can move around and interact. I work to capture real moments, family connection, and raw emotions instead of just posed smiling at the camera.

Where will my session be held?

Together we will choose the perfect location for your session. I have a list of public parks and beautiful areas that I love to photograph at but if you have a space that is meaningful for your family I would love to photograph your family there. I love shooting at park, local farms, and your own home.

What should I wear?

Be comfortable and be yourself. After all these are your images and you will be the one who looks at them for years to come. I always recommend that it’s best to keep it simple- avoid logos or text on clothing. When it comes to coordinating a family session I love to pick a few colors and have everyone wear a mix (either all or just a few) of those colors. I also recommend avoiding solid white shirts if at all possible as they are very difficult to photograph.

What is a family session like?

My family sessions are a lot of fun! At the start of the session I like to spend some time getting to know you in order help everyone relax. Throughout the entire session we will talk, laugh, and have fun. I prefer to let the session unfold organically and capture moments as they naturally happen. My family sessions are a combination of both lifestyle and portraiture work so in the session there will be a mix of posed images and in the moment shots. My favorite images are often those in between moments where I capture the connection between family members and the raw emotion that usually only happens off camera.

What is an in home photo session like?

In home photo sessions document not just your family but capture your life as it is right now. These sessions take place in your home where your family spends most of their time. When your kids are older they will cherish images where they can recall the walls of the family room with family photos, the fridge with all the handmade art displayed, their bedroom they spent so long playing in, the dining room table the family gathered around to eat at. I will capture all the small details of daily routine like kids brushing their teeth, potty training, making lunch, washing dishes, or folding laundry as well as family interaction. Life as you know it with little ones will only be like this for a short period of time so I work to document it for you. We can step out of the house too and go on a walk, plant flowers in the garden, run through the sprinklers in the yard. This series of images don’t stand alone but are all part of a story. What is your story?

What time of day is best for sessions?

For outdoor sessions I schedule my sessions either within 2 hours of sunrise or sunset. The light is directional and soft and that is how I can get that gorgeous back-light and soft glowing light that we all love in photographs. Sessions can be done earlier in the day if open shade is available but the look and feel of the images will be very different since the color and direction of light changes throughout the day. Of course late summer evening sessions are not always an option with smaller children so of course I offer morning and afternoon sessions too.

When will I get my images after the session?

After the session I back up all images and hand edit every single image you see in your gallery. You will receive a link to a private online proofing gallery within 7 days of your session. Once you receive the link to your gallery you will have one week to select the images you want. A $25 reactivation fee will be implemented if you need to reactive your gallery for more time. Proofing galleries are not permanent due to space issues. After you confirm which images you want included in your package your online gallery will be removed. Packages with digital download are available 2-3 days after image selection. If your package includes product you will have your images and products within 2-3 weeks after image selection. Please make sure to backup your images to prevent loss.

When and where can I order additional prints and products?

Within two weeks of your session, you will receive a link to a private online gallery where you will have one week to order your digital images and additional products. I offer a variety of print sizes, wall gallery canvas wraps, and photobook albums.

Pricing and packages?

Each package I offer comes with high resolution digital images. There are no hidden fees or need to purchase additional products in order to get the digital files. I do ask that you pay a $100 deposit to reserve your photo session date however this money is applied towards your package.

How do you choose what images end up in my gallery?

I look at each image and hand select the best ones. I am looking for images that represent me as an artist and your family. I always include a large variety of images in your gallery so don’t worry you will have lots to choose from.

What does copyright mean?

You can print, share with friends and family, and display your images as much as you want. Every session I do comes with a print release which means you can print and display anything you want for your own personal use. While these images are yours to use, as the photographer I retain copyright to the original images. You cannot sell or profit off of these images (including submitting to contests) without first getting written permission from the photographer. My intent with these images are for you to enjoy these so please print and display all you want.

How far out do you book?

I typically book out one to three months in advance. Email to ask about availability!

How do I book a session with you?

You can e-mail me directly at or via the contact tab above. I look forward to working with you!