Hello! My name is Sunny and I am so happy you stopped by to learn more about my photography and passion for documenting life.

A little background on me- I have always had a love of the creative arts. Even as a kid I carried a camera with me everywhere and would seek out beautiful light and document moments I wanted to remember. I first learned the art of photography on a film SLR while on the yearbook team in high school then furthered my skills in college while enrolled in a film photography course. I purchased my first DSLR in 2007 and started learning the art of digital photography. When I became a mom in 2009 I wanted to document not only milestones but also those everyday moments that end just as quickly as they began.  I have taken over a dozen photography courses learning about everything from exposure and lighting to composition and posing. I have spent countless hours educating myself and practicing. I shoot exclusively in manual and RAW which means I have full control over my camera and am able to shoot in all different lighting situations and produce images that match my vision. My camera is always with me and I shoot daily, both to document my family but also to push myself as a photographer to shoot in a variety of situations. Each year I do a 365 project where I take one photo a day for an entire year (I am on my 4th year of this) to document all the big and small moments of my families life. Moments you might not normally think to document are now forever captured and help to document the story of my kids lives.

I am a mom to 3 crazy wonderful children and wife to the most patient and wonderful husband. I live in the gorgeous pacific northwest and even though it rains 9 months out of the year after a few days of sunshine I always love the return of the rain. I love spending time exploring local nature parks with my kids, going for walks, crafting and all things creative, my favorite thing to drink besides water is organic tea, I spend way too much time on Facebook, love cooking (vegan, gluten-free, healthy recipes), sewing and spend so much time at the fabric store, and hardly a day goes by that I don’t take a photo.

I’m looking to work with people who share a love of honest images and who want to collaborate with a photographer who feels more like a friend than a stranger. If you think I might be the right person to take your photographs, I would love to hear from you! Feel free to email me anytime for questions or inquiries, or check out my blog or my Facebook page!

All my best,



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